We provide fair and affordable rebuildable cars for sale.

NEA Repairables is growing and If you need to save money on your next ride, give us a cal at 870-598-4039. If we do not have exactly what you need, we can find it for you and save you thousands. We know what to buy, where to buy and how to buy to make sure our effort translates into lower costs for you. We can find you the right car or truck you've been looking for and we can help you repair or rebuild it too. We'll do our best to find the vehicle that is just right for you. Our sales staff is ready to help with any need: rebuildable cars, trucks, vans, or suv's.

Open Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, visit or call NEA repairables for great savings from Midwest. Various payment plans are accepted and shipping can be arranged or we can help.